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The games are not MMORPG’s or any online game where you need to make an account. These games are saved(if they have more levels like Commando 2) on the website you played on and the same computer. Note: I will add games from comments!!! Also, note that some of these games are old! Some of the pix are from StarCraft 2.  Personally, I think StarCraft ROCKS!!!!!  Most other pix are of sea life. You can put ideas, like starfish. Now go take a trip to the sea(some pix are scattered throughout the blog!) There are links on the side of the page to go to my other pages, game links, video links, music links, and links to other blogs. Also, when there is a “P:” that means you need a password for that. You can go to the passwords page to get hints on the password. I will NOT update pages. If I do I will include that in the updates blog above.



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