Sea Life Discussion

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Name your favorite animal (that lives in the sea, turtles count!) I will try to get pix if your favorites! Note: Your favorites will be added to Sea Life Pix.

My favorite: Archer Fish



2 Responses to “Sea Life Discussion”

  1. mastermatt56 Says:

    Octo pie!
    Octo…um…something else?
    No, no, no. MANATEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Hammer head sharks. Yea! And Barracudas. And parrot fish.
    (Is that too many? Aw, who cares.) There’s one more. Once I find out what it’s name is, I’ll tell you. For now, my list is:
    Octopi, Manatees, Hammerheads, Barracudas, and parrot fish
    If you can find a Octo Pie, Octopussycat, or a Octogon, that would be awesome! (Especially the Octopussycat!)

  2. also dugong. i don’t know what the other is called yet, so i can’t tell you.
    (I know, now I’M slipping!)

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