Star Wars (remade)

Below are pix of my Star War creations. Enjoy! Note: Some of the pix were deleted, so the pix won’t show up. I stopped playing with these, so I didn’t want to remake them until I felt like it. Some pieces were stolen by little kids before I planned on remaking it, so I can’t remake it. Important: If pix doesn’t work right click it and click reload picture.


Welcome ladies and gentlemen! I’m your host Clone Trooper #1067! Please browse and enjoy the pictures!!!

These vehicles make up my assault squad (all unavailable)! Light- assault vehicles

Medium- assault vehicle

Heavy- assault vehicle

Armored- assault vehicle

My airforce!!! 🙂


(two ships are unavailable)

dscn40551dscn40521dscn40531 dscn4075

This is heavier than it looks!!!



I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!! This is your host Clone Trooper #1067 reporting back to base. Bye!!! 😉


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