Music and Video Discussion

What’s your favorite video? Below are short video reviews. Enjoy!!! I can’t decide myself. I like all of these. That’s why I put it on my website (kind of obvious.) I thank my sister for many of these music pieces.

1. Why is Rum Gone Remix- Scenes of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and some other scenes. 😉

2. I’ve Got a Jar of Dirt Remix- Shows Jack Sparrow showing off his jar of dirt. 😛

3. Happy Birthday- Shows three somewhat funny- looking, funny people singing Happy B-Day for who? Sponsored by Grey Worldwide! 🙂

4. The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof- Where Batman beats up Joker, because of communication problems! Won third place on Virtual Scene Spoofs on that show for funny scenes. 😮 LOL!!!

5. “Presidential Debate”- Notice the quotes. McCain’s and Obama’s “twins” face off!!! 😉 Preeeeety long. And of course other news. 3 sections, lots of commercials.

6. “Republican Conference”- Quotes! McCain, Palin, and Bush meet. At least their “twins” are. Full of laughs. 😉 🙂 Also, very long.

7. “Palin’s Press Conference”- Again- you know what, same as above, except this one isn’t long! 🙂

8. “Clinton and Palin Conference”- Same as above. 😉 😛 🙂 😮

9. Bionicle Fighters -Kongu VS Matoro- Kongu fights Matoro. Did you think that the outcome should have been different? It’s awesome! 🙂

10. Bionicle Fighters 2 -INIKA VS PIRAKA- It’s time for revenge. Kongu and Matoro team up to get what they want.

11. Hakann’s Sleep…Kongu’s Play…- Hakann;s in for it. LOL!!! 🙂

12. Bionicle Fighters 3 -KONGU VS VAHKI- Turns out a Vahki is still seeking to destroy the toa… Watch the end!!! It is funny! 😉

13. Balta VS Piruk- Looks like the authors in trouble… 😉

14. Hakann’s Movie & Matoran’s Band- Awesome music and still funny… in the begginging. 😉

15. Bionicle piraka shooting- Reidek’s goning to be mad! 😉

16. Bionicle Toa Mahri 2 Minute Movie- It’s really good. Trust me.

17. Did You- By Hoobastank, included in Spider-Man 2 music disk. I love this piece. It’s awesome! Includes lyrics.

18. Can you feel the Love Tonight- I actually like this piece. My link is song and played by Elton John.

19. Collide- Great Song. Howie day. My sister has this on her ipod.

20. Boys and Girls- Great tune. By Good Charlotte. Includes lyrics and explanation.

21. Complicated- Yes, It’s by Avril Lavigne. For those girls. Includes lyrics.

22. Sk8er Boi- Another one by Avril Lavigne. My favorite out of all the ones I heard by her. Includes lyrics.

23. Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous- Some weird lyrics….. Good Charlotte. Includes lyrics.

24. Wondering- Good Charlotte again. Includes lyrics. Lyrics may be hard to see.

25. Hold On- Good Charlotte, with lyrics. Lyrics may be hard to see (pink script.)

26. Ordinary- Included in the Spider-man 2 CD. Good song.

27. Gifts and Curses- Great piece. Great tune. By Yellowcard. Includes lyrics.

28. Snow Miser – Heat Miser- It’s pretty good. The animations are sort of weird…

29. We Will We Will Rock You- Great song, perfect for footbal season 🙂

30. Hero- A great song. Has lyrics.

31. Out of Control- Song by Hoobastank. One of my fav songs. Lyrics.

32. Same Direction- same as above.

33. The Reason- same as above.

34. Star Wars AMV- Cool animations. Great music.

35. Bleach AMV- Cool animations. Great Music.


4 Responses to “Music and Video Discussion”

  1. i’ve got a jar of dirt is deffinitely the best

  2. Try the song: The Reason by Hoobastank.

    It’s a great song. By the way, you spelled football wrong. Ha!

  3. starofthelost Says:

    The ones with the presidential spoof shows aren’t really working. Sorry. 😦

  4. starofthelost Says:

    Also, I need to add in the new video and music on this page. Same for games. I will get to that, soon. I hope.

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